Hello My Friends, this is my Family.  We like to have fun, can you tell?  

Instead of thinking of being photographed as if you're going to the dungeon, well - you're in for a big treat.  99% of our families have a ball out there on the beach.  Believe me, I can make you laugh, your husband laugh, your teenage boys laugh and even your teenage girls.  And 2,3,4,5 little kids - laugh.  Boy do they laugh! We look like Santa Claus coming down the beach with our bag of toys for the youngsters.  We have had several,several families say when the photo session ended what a good time they have out there with me and my assistant. 

I am  a 'naturalist' photographer. Having been in this business for many years, I find that presenting your images in a more natural way, the way it was photographed - is now my style. In other words, I don't use the fancy photoshop actions to make the images look like something they were not when I photographed you. It is not my style. My style is 'in the moment', loving, family-oriented and often called 'fun!

Nancy Miller